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This site is a resource for train-the-trainer type materials on Open Data. It's meant to provide a series of approachable, fun, collaborative workshops where each of the modules is interactive and customizable to meet a variety of audiences.

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Primer for Open Data

Primer 1-5

1. Why Open Data - Why open data is valuable and important.

2. How To Open Your Data - How to make your data open and available for others to use.

3. Sharing Your Data - How to publish your data and make it accessible to others.

4. Becoming a Data Hunter - How and where to find data shared by others.

5. Making friends with Other People’s Data - What you need to do to be able to reuse other people's data.


Introduction to Open Data

module 1-4

Guide 1: An Introduction to Open Data - Why open data is valuable and important.

Guide 2: Data Preservation & Archiving - The basics of getting your data ready for preservation and archiving

Guide 3: Sharing and Publishing Data - Making data available, and citable by others.

Guide 4: Data Privacy and Ethics - Navigating legal and ethical issues around public data and data reuse.

Guide 5: Resources -


Advanced Topics in Open Data

The guides in this series go beyond the basics and dig deeper into more advanced areas of open data and data management.

One-pager for Academic Admin and policy folks

One-pager for Student and Early Career researcher engagement


  1. Getting Help

    Here we'll hopefully answer questions you might have.





  2. Resources

    Here we'll list some persistent resources that you might use throughout the workshop.