Working Open Workshop

At our first Working Open Workshop, Mozilla Science Lab staff, Fellows and community will run a set of trainings to help up-and-coming projects prepare for a strong launch on Collaborate and a successful Global Sprint in June 2016. This page will serve as a resource for all session materials.



The schedule can be found in the workshop repository here, the following handouts are ordered according to the scheduled session times.


Each session has a ten-minute presentation. Slides for these presentations are linked below.

  1. README and Project Communication - How they first hear about the project or group.
  2. Roadmapping - How to plan your project schedule and priorities.
  3. Contributor Guidelines - How they first participate or contribute.
  4. GitHub for New Project Leads and Contributors - How to use Github as a collaborative platform.
  5. Code of Conduct - How to control behavior and the tone of project interactions.
  6. Event Planning - How to plan activities that support and build your project.
  7. Personas and Pathways - How to plan for your project users and their participation.
  8. Open Data and Data Reuse Plans - How to manage data in your research and share it appropriately.
  9. Open Leadership Cohort & Closing - About the Open Leadership Cohort and closing remarks.



Handouts will provide participants with post-presentation exercises to complete during work sessions.

  1. README and Project Communication
  2. Roadmapping
  3. Contributor Guidelines
  4. GitHub for New Project Leads and Contributors
  5. Code of Conduct
  6. Event Planning
  7. Personas and Pathways
  8. Open Data and Data Reuse Plans


Each session will feature transcriptions from our guest transcriber, Norma Miller. We will publish those transcripts here as they come, stay tuned!

Likewise, we have a living etherpad where we will be collecting any questions from participants and answering on a rolling basis

You can find photos from the event on our Mozilla Science Flickr account, and by following the twitter feed for #mozwow.


  1. Getting Help

    Here we'll hopefully answer questions you might have.

    • What is the WIFI code?

      • Cathedral
      • Cathedral_16
      • OR
      • RM-Loft
      • loftberlin2014
    • What is our event hashtag?


    • Where can I find the Science Lab Code of Conduct?

      You can find it here. We'd love for feedback on how it could be improved. Stay tuned for the Code of Conduct session at WOW (see above).

    • Who can I approach if I have any problems or issues to report that violate our Code of Conduct?

      In coordination with our Code of Conduct, we have two appointed members of our "safety team" responsible for maintaining the ethos of that code throughout the event, and providing help or resources to anyone who might require it. Reach out to the following people if you have questions, issues, or concerns that you wish to express.

      • Kaitlin Thaney - @kaythaney,
      • Joey K. Lee - @leejoeyk,
  2. Finding Resources

    Here we'll list some persistent resources that you might use throughout the workshop.



Open Leadership Cohort is a group of participants who have a shared experience and goal - to help further open practice in their work and community. It's what the WOW participants will be inducted into, you can read more about it on this blog.


The Mozilla Science Lab has a group of awesome fellows in our annual fellowship program, the 2015 fellows are present at WOW, and will be co-running sessions throughout the event.