Working Open Workshop - Cape Town

We're hosting a mini version of Mozilla's Working Open Workshop in Cape Town on Thursday June 15th - Friday June 16th and we'd love to have you join us. We're still (always) learning how to best support open leaders in our communities, so your feedback and guidance would be incredibly valuable to us. This page will serve as a resource for all session materials.


Spin Street House

8 Spin Street

Cape Town City Centre

Cape Town 8001, SA

POP: Purpose, Outcomes & Process




See Schedule & other sections below.


Where do we go from here?


Facilitator's Annotated Schedule

A more complete schedule of activity that includes facilitation notes on each activity below is linked here.

June 15, 2017

Let's get social!

June 16, 2017

Let's get working!



Session notes and resources will be recorded here.


  1. Getting Help

    Here we'll hopefully answer questions you might have.

    • What is the WIFI code?

      • SSID: Spin Street House
      • PWD: churchsquare
    • What is our event hashtag?


    • Is there a chat room?

      Yes, we have a Gitter chat room.

    • Where can I find the Community Participation Guidelines?

      You can find it here.

    • Who can I approach if I have any problems or issues to report that violate our Community Participation Guidelines?

      In coordination with our Community Participation Guidelines, we have two appointed members of our "safety team" responsible for maintaining the ethos of that code throughout the event, and providing help or resources to anyone who might require it. Reach out to the following people if you have questions, issues, or concerns that you wish to express.

  2. Finding Resources

    Here we'll list some persistent resources that you might use throughout the workshop.


We're bringing together working open enthusiasts to share and learn best practice.

Danielle C Robinson (@daniellecrobins)

Advocacy for science and the open web / 2016 @MozillaScience Fellow / new PhD @OHSUSOM / hangs with librarians / party mom / @wispdx.
GitHub: @daniellecrobinson

Teon Brooks (@teon_io)

{cognitive, data} scientist. Out. @MozillaScience @NSFGRFP @ChateaubriandUS Fellow. @ScienceMarchDC @MNE_news @NeuroTechX #OpenScience #OpenSource #BlackandSTEM.
GitHub: @teonbrooks

Bruno Vieira (@bmpvieira)

PhD Student at @wurmlab; @mozillascience Fellow; Founder of @bionode;
GitHub: @bmpvieira

Kirstie Whitaker(@kirstie_j)

Research fellow at the Turing Institute and 2016/17 Mozilla fellow for science. Passionate about diversity and reproducibility in all forms.
GitHub: @KirstieJane

Christie Bahlai (@cbahlai)

Quantitative ecologist | @MozillaScience Alum | Open sci advocate | Feminist | Mom | Intermittent crafter | Airport connoisseur | 🇨🇦 in 🇺🇸 | F17: #newprof.
GitHub: @cbahlai

Ivo Arrey (@leyleyguy)

A PhD student in the School of Environmental Sciences, University of Venda, South Africa. His area of research is focused on application of information technology in its widest sense to problems of subsurface hydrology and water resources management. He is also a Data and Software Carpentry instructor and coordinates the Study Group on reproducible research at his institution. Originally from Cameroon, he currently resides in Thohoyandou, South Africa.
GitHub: @arreyves

Caroline F. Ajilogba (@Caroline_Ajilogba)

Resides in Mafikeng South Africa. She is affiliated with the Microbial Biotechnology group of the Biological Sciences department of the North-West University Mafikeng campus, and part of the NWU Mafikeng campus Rstudio study group where we have been using R to analyse our data.

Peter van Heusden (@pvanheus)

Works at a bioinformatics institute in Cape Town, South Africa, where he was previously the sysadmin and now runs a software development team. One of his main areas of work is making computing systems less labour intensive to manage and computing more accessible to researchers. To this end, he's passionately interested in scientific workflow languages & management systems. His personal history and the history of his country also means he's very concerned about social justice and how it intersects with university life.
GitHub: @pvanheus

Martin Canaan Mafunda (@martinmafunda1)

Lives in Thohoyandou, South Africa where he's currently enrolled at the University of Venda for MSc studies in Mathematics and Applied Mathematics. He has a background in quantitative mathematics and data analysis and his areas of interest are Infectious Diseases Modelling, Programming Language Coding, Ordinary Differential Equations and Numerical Analysis using R, Python, Matlab. Besides, he is also part of a group of Maths students who are assisting the univen community with data analysis and interpretation.

Ednecia Matlapeng

She's an honors in computer science student at University of Cape Town. She's passionate about women in tech, during my school holidays I encourage matrix students to consider careers in computer science. In her spare time, she enjoys jogging, cooking and writing poetry.
GitHub: @Mosadi

Jean-Baka Domelevo Entfellner

A Senior Lecturer with the department of Computer Science at the University of the Western Cape (Cape Town); with an initial academic training in mathematics, physics and computer science, he moved to the field of bioinformatics with his PhD, obtained in Montpellier, France, in 2011. He was studying mixtures of statistical models to model highly divergent homologous sequences. So within bioinformatics, his field of expersite is phylogenetics, and he's also involved in the H3ABioNet initiative (, as a postdoctoral fellow at SANBI, UWC.
GitHub: @jean-baka

Mmaki Jantjies (@MmakiJ)

Living in Cape Town from the University of the Western Cape department of Information Systems; working with Mozilla Web Literacy Clubs.

Mojalefa Tsoaeli (@mojtso_)

GitHub: @mojtso

Jeremiah Pietersen (@Jermy_Pee)

Subscriptions librarian at UCT. Open Access advocate.

Mozilla Staff

Aurelia Moser (@auremoser)

code, science, open source and community @mozilla
GitHub: @auremoser

Stephanie Wright (@shefw)

Lead of the Mozilla Science Lab
GitHub: @stephwright

Kenyatta Forbes (@Kenyatta_Forbes)

Community Manager Hive Chicago
GitHub: @kenyatta1