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How to Find a Place to Share

We’ve provided you with questions to ask about a place willing to share your data, but how do you find a place to share your data in the first place?

1. Check with a librarian at your institutional or public library.

Many librarians these days, particularly at research institutions, have librarians trained in research data services. Start there to see if you can get customized help to find a place to share your data. Librarians love to help.

2.Search Re3Data.org (http://www.re3data.org).

Re3Data is a global catalog of online data repositories. You can browse the catalog by subject area, country or the type of content (e.g. images, code, audiovisual, etc). It also identifies what access restrictions may be in place for a repository, what permanent identifiers they use, as well as links to policies for those repositories.

3. Deposit in a freely available generic digital repository such as Figshare or Zenodo.

This is probably the answer with the lowest barrier to sharing your data. These sites offer free storage (usually up to a file size limit). Because they are free, you may not get the service level you would get elsewhere. You will want to check to see if their preservation policies will meet your priorities for long-term care of your data.