Teaching Kit

Instructor Training

Lessons on educational psychology, tailored for teaching software in the sciences.

Made by the Mozilla Science Lab


One of the first things people encounter when coming to open science is the rich set of technical ideas that make this revolution possible. With the right guidance, learning about practical computing can be an empowering and compelling experience; in this teaching kit, we lay out the practical lessons that will help you learn to teach technology & open science in an effective and engaging classroom. We'll explore some very elementary educational psychology, to set the stage for our teaching, and then zero in on some best practices by picking and choosing from instructional design.


These lessons are divided (nominally) into four sessions, of about 2-3 hours each.

  1. Knowledge & Expertise
  2. Feedback
  3. Compelling Instruction
  4. Design & Adaptation


This material borrows heavily from Software Carpentry Instructor Training, and was developed in part along with that instructor training workshop.