'Working Open' Project Guide


Open at Mozilla

Mozilla is one of the world's largest Open Source projects, and our commitment to openness is reflected in the second point of our manifesto:

The Internet is a global public resource that must remain open and accessible.

To achieve this goal, Mozilla produces the Firefox web browser, which is built by both paid staff and thousands of contributors around the world. Contributors participate in a myriad of ways to build the browser - from submitting code, to translating, to writing support documentation, to running tests - it is the product of many hands.

Mozilla also has a deep commitment to Web Literacy - the notion that all citizens should be able to read, write and participate on the web. To achieve this goal, The Mozilla Learning Network offers programs and a global community dedicated to helping people learn the most important skills of our age.

Mozilla has many other activities - from our work in advocating for Internet policy, to placing fellows in the Science, Journalism and Advocacy communities.

All of these efforts include the work of contributors - some paid, some volunteer. Mozilla holds many public community calls where contributors can keep track of the day-to-day decisions and progress of the Mozilla Project. All of the engineering on Firefox takes place within the Bugzilla public issue tracker, and the activities of the Mozilla Foundation are also tracked publicly and are available for you to see.

We operate under an open governance module ownership system.

The opportunities for contribution at Mozilla are vast, and Mozilla would not be able to operate without these contributions.