'Working Open' Project Guide


Toxic Members

// rewrite this stuff copied from - https://etherpad.mozilla.org/Portland-Community-Building


  • why participate in our projects vs. another one?
    • corollary: response to mocking sends message to what is acceptable
  • need a code of conduct for events (that's another discussion)
  • we're pretty good at this, but we can be a lot better at this
    • Q: if toxic interaction occurs on bugzilla, is it better to address in public or offline?
    • A: need to deal with bad actors in public. if we deal privately, need to make sure it's visible that we dealt with it privately.
  • toxic members have a huge impact: actively mocking, condescending
    • "This is what I think about what you did." Don't just come in and poop on it. You can then go back in the bug and say "This other person didn't do X; here's the X that was expected."
    • do a quick feedback loop without shaming that person
  • Some communities have active, contributing members with toxic behaviours who refuse to address their behaviour. Often large belief in meritocracy; can fragment the community.
    • If you fragment, make sure all toxic people on one side. Alternative to excising bad actor is community falls apart.
    • How to excise without alienating people who don't see bad behaviour, just good contributor being treated badly?
    • Paper trail. Show attempts to deal with behaviour in past.
  • The person with the most authority in a room. How that person acts sends a very clear message to the rest of the community of what's accepted. If that's you, you need to step up.