Mozilla Fellows


Mozilla Fellows for Science

The Mozilla Fellowships for Science present a unique opportunity for researchers who want to influence the future of open science and data sharing within their communities.

Fellows will spend 10 months starting September 2015 as community catalysts at their institutions, mentoring the next generation of open data practitioners and researchers and building lasting change in the global open science community.

Throughout their fellowship year, chosen fellows will receive training and support from Mozilla to hone their skills around open source and data sharing. They will also craft code, curriculum and other learning resources that help their local communities learn open data practices, and teach forward to their peers.

Important Details

  • Years Running: 1 (started in 2015)
  • Length of Fellowship: 10 months
  • Paid/Unpaid: Paid, $60,000 USD pretax + health insurance, childcare allotment, professional development, Fellowship-related travel
  • Scope: US, UK, Canada for first year
  • Partner Organizations:
    • 2015: TBD (applications currently being reviewed)


  • Applications for Partners: n/a - we do not pre-vet institutions

  • Applications for Fellows:

    • Open: June 26, 2015
    • Close: August 14, 2015
    • Review: August 14 - mid September 2015
    • Notified: mid-September 2015
  • Onboarding and Workweeks:
    • Onboarding: late September, early October 2015.
    • Workweeks: January 2016 + March 2016
  • Other events:
    • Mozilla Festival
    • MSL Global sprint (May/June)

Fellows experience

  • Onboarding

    • Describe the current onboarding process:
  • What do they work on? -

  • How do they interact with their home institution ?
  • In what ways do they work with the other Fellows? Beyond Science?
  • Post-Fellowship:
    • Describe any ways the Fellows stay involved after the Fellowship.