Welcome to Mozilla Science Lab's Study Group Orientation!


3.5 Assignment: Add an Event!

When you're ready to list a new event for your Study Group, follow these steps, or watch this video where we walk you through event listing.

  1. Make a new Issue to describe your event.
  2. Click on 'Issues' over on the right sidebar of your repo,
  3. Click the green 'New Issue' button near the top right
  4. You'll then see a form where you can give your event a title and a description - fill these out with all the relevant information:
    • Where will your event be? Include a link to a map.
    • When will it be? Date and time.
    • What people should do to prepare beforehand (install any dependencies, set something up, etc)
  5. Go to the _posts directory. It'll be at https://github.com/yourUserName/studyGroup/tree/gh-pages/_posts - or you can click on _posts in your repo.
  6. Make a new file by clicking on the + sign beside _posts/ Name it like the following:
    YYYY-MM-DD-word.markdown, where YYYY-MM-DD is the date of your event, and word is anything you want.

    title: Study Group Meetup
    text: a one sentence description of your event
    location: Hacky Hour Stadium
    link: https://github.com/yourUserName/studyGroup/issues/1234
    date: 2016-01-04
    startTime: '15:00'
    endTime: '16:00'

  7. Change all the fields to describe your event; make sure the link is the address of the issue you created When you're done, click 'Commit Changes' at the bottom.

That's it! Your event is now listed on your webpage, and there's a discussion thread where people can ask questions and discuss the details. Events will be automatically removed from the schedule on the webpage when they're more than a week in the past - but the issue you created will always be there as a record of what you've done.

Event Listing Gotchas! Here are a few things to look out for when listing an event:

  • Did you remember to include the --- above and below? The website builder needs those.
  • Can't find the issue tracker? Remember to turn it on under the 'Settings' menu on the right.
  • The seven fields need to be on exactly one line each; some text editors will insert line breaks into lines that are too long; remove these if so.