Welcome to Mozilla Science Lab's Study Group Orientation!


Assignment: Create a Persona & Pathway

  1. Brainstorm. Read through the two following questions and come up with answers. You can do this individually or as a group. If working in a group, brainstorm individually and share afterwards. Sticky notes are great for this task, for recording ideas during the brainstorm, and sharing and organizing the group’s ideas. Spend about 3 minutes on each question.
    • Who is the person you'd like to attract to your Study Group? Think of skills and attributes-- but, since this is an imaginary person, also give them identifying details, a brief life story, etc.
    • What are that person's motivations and needs? Think of what might draw them to your Group, what value they would gain from it, how it fits into their long term goals.
  2. Create a short written description of your persona. Spend about 4 minutes on this task. If you like, draw a picture of this person!
  3. Plan a Pathway. Using the structure above (Discovery → Leadership), describe a pathway for your persona. What are the steps to move through the group? What could be stumbling blocks for user?
  4. List your Solutions. For each potential stumbling block or barrier your user might encounter, list a solution that you'll work into your design of your group or project.